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SINCE 2006,  KFI has been working strategically to ensure a brighter future for underserved youth. In recent years, KFI has successfully organized several field trips to colleges and training centers, provided over 200 hygiene bags to kids, and exposed over 1700 students to new career opportunities. Our efforts have proven to impact many young people, we have engaged over 15,000 students, via the various KFI events and programs.  Our strategic focus is designed to engage, empower and increase the employability of underserved youth, we affectionately call this focal point, Operation E3.  More specifically, Operation E3 is a program that KFI operates to help young people ages 14 - 18 obtain jobs in their desired career path by providing the necessary skills and resources. The goal of the program is to introduce young people to the workplace, provide career exploration and a unique career experience. The program has several stages that will provide a blueprint for young people to guide them along their career path. In drafting this plan, it is important to keep in mind that these goals are building blocks that we will utilize to make our mission a reality, ensuring a successful life for young girls and boys that are underserved.