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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an important tool that we must equip students with so they can become empowered independent citizens. Our incubator gives students a chance to understand commerce, entrepreneurship, and simple financial thinking. 

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Drive the Narrative

The student resource store incentivizes good behavior, academic achievements, and positive actions with rewards such as currency and access to the store. This model can drive positive change. Furthermore, educators and parents can become stakeholders in the store as well.


360° Impact

The store will be run by paid and trained Students who will receive exposure to virtual reality through their training. The store will
be thematicised based on the school calendar. A true student-run model that will build self-esteem, community, and skill.


Student Resource Store

School Resource Store
So Much More Than Just a Store

Imagine a safe space where students can use technology to learn about entrepreneurship and receive financial literacy training. A space where our students will be able to engage and be trained by potential future employers, who look like them. A unique space where we can impact three of the most important stakeholders in the educational process, students, parents and the staff. That place is KFI Student Resource Store.

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