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Kids Corner

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The origin of STEAM Man is shrouded in mystery.


He likes to keep it this way.


Many heroes in the superhuman community keep their super persona separate from their real-life identity, usually to protect family members and friends from the villains they’ve vowed to bring to justice.


STEAM Man aims to inspire young minds to consider STEAM fields as routes to combat poverty, enhance communication, and elevate change.


Each month there will be a new release so, be sure to tune in.

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The arts provide a platform so our young people can express their creativity. We all know creativity lends itself to innovation, and our young people can you that innovation to drive change in their communities.


The arts also help to bring STEAM to life, by adding some color. Learn how to activate your creative superpower.


Sign your class up today.

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Junior Drone Pilot

Suitable for grades 6-8, this program is designed for young people with little to no experience flying drones. We want to get our students out of their chairs and flying into the air.

Learn to fly drones through exciting simulation and hands-on engagement.


Taking place in a safe space where you can learn more about drones and the many workforce applications they can be used for.

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Engineering Club

Suitable for grades 3-5, this program is designed to introduce young people to the wonderful world of Engineering.


Students will learn to look at the world through the eyes of an Engineer.


They will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process, and we will use hands-on activities to demonstrate how it can used to solve problems.

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